Scriptable Wishlist

First of all, congrats to @simonbs for the release of which I actually got a day early probably because of a glitch somewhere.

I know that Simon is now working to integrate Runestone into Scriptable to give it extra superpowers but I still have some feature requests that I wish would be added, either on the next version or the next.

Not in any particular order, except maybe my personal bias:

  • Dynamic images - similar to Color.dynamic but for images
// example
widget.addImage( Image.dynamic(lightImage, darkImage) )
widget.backgroundImage = Image.dynamic(lightImage, darkImage)
  • New System/App bridges - HealthKit, WeatherKit, DataJar, etc
  • Scriptable for Mac - I have the beta but it’s already behind the iOS versions.
  • Grid/UITable on widgets - really useful for tabular widgets
  • Rich Text - maybe from markdown
// example
const rt = RichText.fromMarkdown('**Lorem** ipsum')
  • More UI input elements - forms, select lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc. I’m using Alerts and UITables for these at the moment.

I know it’s probably asking too much to actually have these. But whether or not these will be granted, I’ll remain appreciative to Simon for having created Scriptable since it’s one of the apps I used the most daily.

What are your Scriptable wishes?


A shortcut automation for scripts… that does not required a login: example… when I connect to a defined WiFi name, it can give the WiFi name to speech, so that I don’t have to look.:wink: