Scriptable Tutorial for creating tables

I have created a tutorial for creating tables in Scriptable widgets.

I have translated my previous tutorials to english, you will find them here:

I look forward to suggestions for improvement!


Thanks for that tutorial! Alas, this way to create columns unfortunately isn’t flexible enough for my layouts. Would you know whether it was possible to nest stacks? Eg. I’d like to have a small graphic on the left, with text and some SFSymbols in the left half of a medium sized widget, and another image filling all of the right hand side. I thought about having a main stack horizontally, providing space for the info panel on the left, and the chart on the right. Then, on the left hand side, another vertical stack to provide additional image, symbols etc.

Hi, I didn’t tried it yet but in general it should be possible to nest stacks (The class WidgetStack provided a method addStack), maybe you can post if this helps?

Thanks for the response. I actually found it mentioned in the rather long “sample widget” thread. And yes, it is working. It was my fault that it didn’t work. I had some of the nesting wrong.

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