Scriptable on iOS throwing new TypeError -- maybe app update? maybe iOS 17.0.1? maybe something else?

I’m using a heavily modified version of the script at But as of the other night, both the original and my modified version now throw TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 'settings.quickReset').

The script itself hasn’t been modified in weeks. Maybe months.

Maybe it was a point update to iOS 17? I had updated to 17.0.1 before I noticed the problem. I just updated to 17.0.2 and the problem continues.
Maybe it was an update to Scriptable itself? Three updates have come through recently…
Maybe it was that I updated my Mac to Sonoma and opened Scriptable there to try and get the widget from iOS on my desktop? (It failed, by the way, rendering nothing. I haven’t spent time digging into that, because the sudden failure of the iOS widget is the bigger issue.)

Any ideas if something changed in any of those? Sorry there isn’t much to go on at this point…

Hi there! Thanks for using one of my widgets. I just ran the code from my GitHub page and the only issue is that the transparency flag being true cause a “write to disk” error.

Could you sure what the settings file looks like for this widget?

I’m very new at this, so I assume you mean the file I found in the Files app, in the Scriptable folder, in the subfolder called UpcomingCalendarWidget?

If so, here is the text… This seems very suspicious!


I truly do not know what is going on.

After digging out that settings file–not changing it at all, mind you–the script has now started working again!

:man_shrugging: :question: :question: :question: :question:

It could be that iCloud did its fabulous normal thing and offloaded the .json file. By you going there and download it, it was available to the script again and then the widget could work


Thanks for helping me fix it! (Or really, work around iCloud, LOL.)

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You’re very welcome!