Scriptable losing scripts?

I downloaded a few scripts to play with scriptable widgets.
This afternoon, the widgets are blank, saying « script not found » and sure enough, the d’actions have disappeared from my Scriptable library.
I can’t think what I would’ve done - except restart my phone - that did that. Anybody see something similar?

How full is your storage on your phone? When there are only about 5 GB left (at least for me with a 64 GB model) iOS starts to clear the cache of each app to gain more space. And iCloud files apparently count as cache.

If you are connected to the internet and open Scriptable and some scripts are missing there, just wait a little bit until they are downloaded again. If nothing happens after about 20 second you can open the files app and go to the Scriptable folder to see what’s going on. Sometimes I had a bug where the files app and Scriptable waited for the files to download but they didn’t. The only way of fixing this bug temporarily was to manually stop the download and start it again.


Thanks for the tip, I had a backup copy that I recreated, but I’ll keep your top in mind for next time.