Scriptable Freezing when trying to create a bookmark

I’m running a MacBook 2016 and I am trying to create a bookmark in Scriptable to use in Shortcuts but when I do this it freezes.

I’m sure the newer Macs are ok as they’ll most likely be able to use the IOS version but is there a workaround to get this working? Currently I am using Shortcuts to get the contents of a folder, I’m then using Shortcuts to split, combine, match and then use if statements.

I’m sure I could do all this within Scriptable making it easier to read, work faster and easier to copy to other Shortcuts.

Creating bookmarks on mac never worked. Granted, Scriptable for mac is 2 years old and needs an update.

Anyway, my workaround for this is just to keep folders inside the Scriptable folder since Shortcuts can read from anywhere.

If you can’t move the folder for some reason, I’ll have shortcuts read the folder contents and pass them to Scriptable.

Thank you.

I need the folder to be stored on Google Drive due to the storage space so I’ll go down the second route.