Script to create a text file of all 32-bit apps installed on Mac

I was online the other week and I read a blog post where someone posted a script they made that created a text file with a list of all 32-bit apps installed on your Mac. Unfortunately I read this on my iPhone and I didn’t save it like I should have. It came from a blog similar to Dr. Drang and Brett Terpstra but unfortunately it wasn’t those two or I couldn’t find it on their blogs. Anyone recall what I’m talking about and can link me to it? Online searches aren’t coming up with anything.

I know that. I swore I read a script somewhere that just pulled them into a text file. You can’t copy/paste out of the system report

There’s another response on that page using the terminal and mdFind. You can write that followed by > ~/Desktop/32bitapps.txt Or some other file path.

Maybe try this?

system_profiler SPApplicationsDataType | grep -B 6 -A 2 "(Intel): No" > ~/Desktop/non64bit.txt

Ref. Robservatory - Create a savabke list of 32 bit apps (10 Aug 2017).

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Wow - thanks for this - excellent!