Screenshot sent to Todoist

I take a lot of screenshots to follow up with later but fall into the trap of never following up with them.

I’d love to be able to take a screenshot and have that screenshot be attached to Todoist (ideally). I can’t find a way to make that happen. I’m currently triggering the shortcut with a double tap of the back of the phone. I can take the screenshot and save it to photos (ideally it would paste into Todoist without saving it to photos). I can create a task in Todoist but everything I try to add a photo doesn’t work. I can’t add the location either—it just has the generic Image.png without a link to the photo.

Thoughts on how to make this work, if possible?

The Shortcut action to Create Task does not seem to support attachments. However, the Todoist API allows you to add attachments via comments as long as the file to attach is publicly hosted online for it to be imported.

So you could upload the image to some online web storage in your shortcut, and then build your task via the Todoist API directly, adding the image via the addition of a comment to the task.

Hope that helps.