Scipt to add widget to homescreen

Hi all,

the scriptable environment is extremely cool and homescreen widgets are the cream on top.
However, this whole process of adding a scriptable widget to the homescreen is still, lets say very technical and not of ease for e.g. grandma and grandpa.

I was wandering if there is a way to make the adding of a scriptable widget to the homescreen on an iphone as easy as an app-installation?
Is there any command I missed to which I can pass the parameters like “script name”, “When interacting” and “Parameter” and boom here I have a new widget on my homescreen? And how would that work?

A soluttion to this question would be cool offering the possibility to make widgets available also for less tech-freakied folks like grandma… :wink:

I appreciate your hints, thanks in advance!

  • Jens


I don’t catch the issue here because adding a Scriptable widget is the same as adding “normal apps” widgets.

  1. Long press on your iPhone’s background, which goes to “wiggle mode”, tap the big “+” on top left
  2. Type/search Scriptable
  3. Choose your widget’s size (S/M/L)
  4. Tap on your newly added widget
  5. You can select which Scriptable there

I actually don’t know any other way to do this :slight_smile:

Hi @sebastienkb ,

thank you. We are on the same page.
I had searched for an automation executing the steps you mentioned.
It seems this is blocked by default in the current iOS version.
Maybe next time…

thanks and regards

Ah, I see what you want then, and indeed that’s a definite no. Widgets addition can only happen through that one interface in the home screen.

I’m sure Apple will never allow apps to add widgets on the user’s behalf. Could you imagine apps trying to get your attention by auto-installing their widgets on your first page? (shivers)