Scipt to add widget to homescreen

Hi all,

the scriptable environment is extremely cool and homescreen widgets are the cream on top.
However, this whole process of adding a scriptable widget to the homescreen is still, lets say very technical and not of ease for e.g. grandma and grandpa.

I was wandering if there is a way to make the adding of a scriptable widget to the homescreen on an iphone as easy as an app-installation?
Is there any command I missed to which I can pass the parameters like “script name”, “When interacting” and “Parameter” and boom here I have a new widget on my homescreen? And how would that work?

A soluttion to this question would be cool offering the possibility to make widgets available also for less tech-freakied folks like grandma… :wink:

I appreciate your hints, thanks in advance!

  • Jens