Scheduling a Pushcut Shortcut, from a Shortcut

I can’t work out what I’m doing wrong here and hope someone can put me straight. I can’t get Pushcuts to schedule a shortcut to run at a later time. Even just a simple shortcut with Schedule (Test Shortcut) At Time (Date) won’t add the Test Shortcut to the Pushcut schedule list.

  • Date is specified like “30 Sept 2021 12:00”
  • If I try using a date in the past I get an error message about the date being invalid (as expected) and it shows me the time with the correct time zone.
  • I have the extra server automation add-on for Pushcuts.
  • I have the Automation Server running in the foreground on a dedicated ipad on ios15.

I feel like I’m missing something obvious but really can’t see what!

Many thanks.

OK, I have the date thing working now though I’m not actually sure what I’ve done differently!

I think I’ve misunderstood what the Schedule Shortcut shortcut does though. It schedules a notification to pop up at the time from which you can run the shortcut. Those appear in Notifications > … > Pending Notifications in the app.

There’s also an Execute Server Action shortcut which allows the action to run without a notification or interaction and you can see those queued up under Server > Pending Requests. That action however runs an action after a number of seconds/minutes/hours/days, rather than at a given time so I guess I have some calculations to do!

And just in case there’s a much easier way to do what I’m trying to do: there’s an event on my calendar and I want to trigger a HomeKit scene 30 minutes before the event starts, and then switch back after the event has finished. At the moment I have fixed time automations in the Home app but sometimes the event moves or gets cancelled and I’d like the scene to move with it, or not get set at all as appropriate. I want to just change my calendar event times and have the automation move with it.

Use the calculate time between dates action to do the maths!

Yep, I found it, it’s a one liner. Thanks for pointing it out.

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