Scanner Pro: customize workflow icons?

Hi all. I use Readdle’s Scanner Pro, and like it quite a bit, particularly the internal workflows for renaming and saving documents in the cloud.

However, I can’t figure out how to change the color (or image) on the workflow icons. I know they can change, because some of mine are blue or green — but most are the (default?) yellow. I’m sure I’m overlooking something obvious. Any help?

After a bit of testing and looking around, I’m pretty sure the app is just assigning them in a sequential order with no user option to specify the colour.

As part of my testing, I deleted Test 9, then created Test 10, to see if it would make Test 10 orange, or if it would be green.

Because it was green, that means that if you want a particular colour, you should/must create workflows to discard until the app reaches the point where it provides the colour you want for the workflow you are creating.

So weird. Mine seem to be always yellow, except for a few.

Well that isn’t strange if there’s any chance you have removed some in the past, or if this is more recent behaviour by the app and your workflows predate that. I don’t know if it is, or not. Just that there could be some pretty straight forward explanations as to why you have the colours you have now.

What happens if you repeat what I did and sequentially create additional ones now?

Do they follow the same ordered colour sequence as appears for me in the screenshots above?

Except that I haven’t deleted any. When I create a bunch in quick succession, yes, the colors seem to cycle. But typically I create a new one once in a while, and they all end up yellow.

good Morning. i am new here and have a question. how can move say your test 8 to be before test 1?
Also how do you delete one?

ok i figured out the delete. then i just deleted the workflows and then rej-inputted them in the order i want them.