Scan and save PDF to folder

I’m trying to set up a workflow to scan a document or receipt with my iPhone camera on iOS and immediately save the PDF to a specific folder - preferably avoiding having to select the folder every time. I’ve tried a number iOS scanning apps but none of them seem to have a ‘default folder’ to save to. I’ve also tried to accomplish this with shortcuts, but Shortcut support for scanning apps are also limited.

Has anyone else done this? Any ideas?

Where exactly is the folder (store & path) you wish to place the scanned files?

It is a folder in OneDrive, but it’s also accessible via the Files app.

ScannerPro by Readdle is compatible with OneDrive and has an Auto Upload feature. You can also trigger a scan from the long press quick action menu on the app icon.

Expand here for settings screens to set this.

App settings for cloud services and auto upload in the upload section

Enable One Drive as a cloud service

Setup auto upload to be your preferred folder in OneDrive.

Scanbot also looks to support the same Functionality on the pro subscription, and there could be other scanning apps that would do the same.

Hope that helps.

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That did it! Thanks very much @sylumer!

The OneDrive App has a good scanning function

Excellent, thanks @gavinknight I didn’t know that - will try it out.

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