Saving fav podcast episode info from Overcast to Data Jar with Shortcuts

Hello, I started using Simon’s Data Jar beta to store episode information from Overcast for favorite podcast episodes that I might want to refer back to later.

Previously I was saving these to a draft in Drafts in Markdown format, but Data Jar will allow me to more easily search and create results with links.

Here’s how it works:

BTW, it’s pretty simplistic atm, but I found that while I’m working on getting my regular expressions down for the stuff I’m converting from markdown text to Data Jar dictionaries, it’s nice to have a Data Jar utilities Shortcut.

This is particularly true for me, since for some reason trying to delete things in the Data Jar app itself tends to crash the app on my iPad without actually deleting the item in question. Deleting it through the Shortcut, however, works flawlessly.