Saving Audio & Dictation with Siri Shortcuts?

So I’ve fallen pretty deep down the Zettlekasten rabbit hole of creating notes/links within notes (

One of the inputs I want to start using more are learnings from podcasts (I’m thinking 80% will be from Automaters and MPU :wink:)

I want to create a shortcut that will take a timestamp of the podcast I’m listening too, record a voice note, dictate that voice note and push everything to Bear. The recording serves more of a backup if the Siri dictation goes crazy or the audio environment makes it rough to get a clear recording.

Luckily Marco has a great shortcut in Overcast for the podcast link and I can either dictate OR record an audio file but I can’t do both. Do you all know of the way to get those to work? If not I have an always-on iMac so I’m guessing I could do this with a combo of hazel/keyboard maestro but not totally sure how.

Shortcuts does not support this. I think currently iOS will pipe audio somewhere to save OR to Siri, but not both and there’s no option to pass a recording to Siri; well not without hacking it to play loudly in the background as an audio track to itself.

The closest option might be to use Just Press Record. It will record audio and transcribe, but whilst it can be triggered to action from Shortcuts and has a URL scheme, there’s no option to programmatically pass the text or recording back to Shortcuts.

But even then, I don’t think this is going to get you to what you want :pensive:

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