Saving an MP3 file to iCloud

Hi, I’m trying to make a shortcut the gets feed a URL of a file (MP3 file) and then saves it to my iCloud Drive (I use Castro podcast player that supports sideloading of audio files). Is there a way? Thanks #question

It depends on from where the file originates and whether it is protected, like Apple Music is.

It would be a direct link to an MP3 file from an http:// address. Is it possible to download it directly to iCloud Drive? I’m not sure if “Save File” can get the file from “Get Link to File”. Thanks

Something like this should work as a starting point.

Awesome, that helps a lot in the creation! Thank you

All songs from Apple Music exist in the format of AAC files. As they’re protected by a special kind of DRM, you are not able to play them on any device without the Apple Music app. Beyond that, you can only keep those songs downloaded from Apple Music during the subscription. Most importantly, once canceling your subscription, you cannot stream them anymore. but you can use Tunelf Audio Converter try to convert Apple Music songs to MP3.