Save Tweet information via Siri Shortcuts

Anyone know of a Siri Shortcut to save a tweet to the clipboard. Ideally I’d like to keep this information in Day One or Ulysses (if I want to reference the tweet in a blog post)

Items I’d like to have:

  • Twitter username
  • Tweet date/time
  • Tweet contents
  • Tweet link


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Here’s one I created back when Workflow first launched. It has all those parts in it, but it isn’t exactly up to date with the options available after that first release or with Shortcuts. I’ll try and have a look in a bit to update it, but in the interim…

Here’s an updated version.

Thanks for working on it

When I run it all I get is this

Matt Cassinelli wrote a good one called “Tweet Deets” (you can rename it :wink:

Federico wrote a more elaborate one (which he describes in MacStories Weekly Issue 157)

Those two should give you plenty of info on how to do pretty much whatever you want to get started with saving Twitter posts somewhere more useful.

Thanks! I thought awhile back I saw Matthew post something like this but couldn’t find it. I’ve modified Viticci’s to post into Day One. Prefer the formatting of this one.

Looking at the return from the Twitter API gave this.

Looking at your URL I could see a ?s=12 at the end. Nothing I’d coded for in my previous testing rounds.

I just added a couple of actions to remove it and it gives this for your example URL.

Here’s the same shortcut as above, but with the extra steps to remove ANY superfluous URL parameters.

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