“Save File” broken in Shortcuts on iOS 15?

I have a few shortcuts that save a snippet of text as a .txt file on iCloud. Those shortcuts all appear to be broken now on iOS 15. I noticed this problem first on the public beta, which I ran on my iPad, but now that my iPhone is on iOS 15 I see that those shortcuts are definitely broken (the phone was never on the beta). I was able to isolate that the problem always comes when it attempts to save the file to iCloud. It first ask to access a folder with a cryptic name.

Even when I tap to allow, it gives an error and stops running.

The same messages appear regardless of where I am saving, whether it’s to iCloud or local to my device. I’m at the limit of what I know to do. Any ideas?

Might be worth trying this as I think permissions is a wide spread issue.

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Thank you. You helped me on this error too.

This started happening again, and resetting the Privacy settings doesn’t fix it this time. I can’t express how disappointing this is. In addition to a few other bugs, this makes it very difficult for me to rely on Shortcuts for anything important in my workflow. It could be amazing if it works, but Shortcuts fails often enough that I don’t think I can justify the time and effort to manage it. Such a shame and a wasted opportunity.