Save a pdf document in Dropbox

I have been using Workflow in IOS and managed to create a PDF document and save in Dropbox.However what I really wanted to do was rename the PDF and save it to a specific folder in Dropbox.i have tried all sorts to change the PDF name without success.

I have used the /folder name as the destination in Dropbox but it just saves it to Dropbox but not the folder.
Any ideas

Which app are you using to try and do this?

I was using the “workflow” App in IOS which has now changed to Siri shortcuts

Try this:


Thats excellent but is it possible to rename the PDF file to a name I choose so when its saved to the folder I can use Hazel to sort it automatically and put it in the appropriate folder based on the name

Yes just change the content of the Set Name object’s name field.

That works a treat is there any guidance on workflows that you know of which helps the novice !

Take a look at these:

Hope that helps.