Safari timed tab refresh

Capable of creating a timed browser auto refresh?

Shortcuts isn’t able to do that in the Safari app, but depending upon what you page is, it might be possible to force it to refresh in another way. But, it is only a maybe.

Shortcuts allows you to view web pages within itself, so I guess it would be possible to say grab the contents of a web page, insert some code of you own, and then load that into a Safari session (a web view) within Shortcuts. Web pages can contain code to auto refresh so by adding such code in, you might be able to do this; though I suspect Scriptable might be better suited to that.

Also, there’s a chance that doing things like that could in effect break the page in terms of its access to dynamic resources, etc. You could also find that it just refreshes the once and then on refresh writes out your page amendment.

There are lots of ifs that are based around the exact page and as noted this approach would be within Shortcuts, not the usual Safari app.

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