Running Shortcuts From Another Device

Hello all,

Is there a way to run a Siri Shortcut on one device from another?

My wife and I have four children who each have their own iPad. It is a constant battle in the car to get them to turn the volume down. I’m curious if there’s a way to set up a Siri Shortcut on my iPhone that would allow me to run one I have on their iPads turn them down to a preset volume.

Thanks in advance!

Michael Stahl

There’s no way to do what you are asking through Shortcuts. That’s a point of security control a mobile devices are much more locked down than their desktop level counterparts when it comes to remote access.

You can run Shortcuts remotely using things like Pushcut’s server, but that’s a foreground control, not background as you would want.

You can Iimit audio levels.

Some video playback solutions allow you to control playback on other devices. I’ve used Plex and other apps to effectively control what my kids watch on journeys before (“media flinging” in Plex). They choose what to watch and I control it from my device by sending it to theirs, etc.

If Siri is set to recognise your voice on all the iPad, then it may listen to you and change the volune when your children won’t.