Running short scripts in background


Thanks for a great product.

I want to use it to create an iPhone app that sends a trigger to IFTTT when the battery level goes above and below different levels.

Obviously, this will need to run in the background and is therefore difficult to implement given that only very specific apps can run in the background (to minimise battery usage) and Scriptable is not one of them.

Is there some workaround that Scriptable can do so that a very short event handler could be run in the background. For example create a separate (background compliant) app that can run a number of Scriptable scripts in the background for a total max time, just to send messages.


As far as I know, there is no available workaround to this day. But maybe @simonbs implements Events in Scriptable some day to subscribe to them and run scripts when one is fired :smiley:

I am not an iOS developer, but from the Apple Development entry it looks like a native app is possible. Especially if the executed script has minimal impact.

I agree tying into event procedures would be even better as it would reduce load to minimum.

I’ve reach this topic looking for the same problem as @arsharpe.

Did you find a solution??

Thank you!