Running Macros inside Keyboard Maestro

Has anyone dabbled with creating macros for use specifically inside of Keyboard Maestro?

For example, there’s no default hotkey for stuff like “Rename Action”, “Disable Action” or “Engroup Actions”.

I’ve created a couple:

  • COMMAND+Left Arrow disables currently selected action(s)
  • COMMAND+Right Arrow enables currently selected action(s)
  • COMMAND+delete focuses “Rename Action” field
  • $var expands to “%Variable%|%” and drops cursor to the pipe
  • COMMAND+G groups selected action(s)
  • COMMAND+8 inserts Comment action node

Is this silly? Am I spoiled from SublimeText packages?
:arrow_up:︎Both rhetorical probably :nerd_face:

Updated Tuesday, November 13, 2018 @ 5:56 PM:

Rename Action


Haven’t really thought about doing those, but I do like the idea.

Could you post the actual macros maybe?


Added links to one of 'em. I’ll include some more later on. :metal:

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