Running JavaScript on new RSS entry? (self hosted)

This week IFTTT introduced a Pro plan. I’m trying out Pro for a month and must admit that the new JavaScript filters are a welcome addition:

However, while IFTTT Pro is currently affordable with the “Set your price” $1.99/month, it looks like they want to charge $9.99/month after the first year - which is too much for me.

Almost all my IFTTT Applets have an RSS feed as the trigger and a Remember The Milk action as output.

How can I execute JavaScript on new RSS entries (for several feeds) using a Raspberry Pi?

Maybe I can write a small Node server (in JavaScript) to replace IFTTT (Pro)?

I have some JavaScript/Node.js experience, but have no idea whether this is a good idea…

(I might benefit from the fact that I already have written a minimal JavaScript module that can add RTM projects/tasks in Scriptable)

Any tips/suggestions/alternatives?

Perhaps take a look at Huginn.

FWIW, I’ve done a few things with it in the past, but always ended up back on utilising free options on web automation solution or another when I found a way to do it there. It was always pretty solid, but often difficult to debug to get things just right on the bits I was doing at the time.


Especially for the short run a free/cheap(er) service that takes care of doing the hard work for me might also be fine.

Tips on those are welcome as well.

Maybe take a look at It’s been on my to look at list for a few years but I’ve not had anything yet that seemed to require it. You can run things standalone but also in combination with IFTTT - at least there are numerous glitch community examples of such integrations. Perhaps it could do your JS logic?

Might actually be possible using these two modules? :smile: