Running in background

I have a automation which sends a message to my spouse when my battery levels are low power mode. This works in the background without manual intervention.

However when I setup an automation with arrive trigger the message cannot be sent in the background. Is there any additional setting I need to do for this ?

According to this, an Arrive trigger cannot be run automatically.


Can we automate using pushcut.

I don’t have experience with Pushcut so others will need to answer this one.

You should be able to, using the client and server Pushcut combo. The client triggering in the background on a location arrival to run a shortcut on the server device, as long as your messaging shortcut is setup so as not to require any manual input/confirmation.

Depending upon the messaging platform, you might even be able to POST directly to an API for the service or via a web integration platform without needing the server side and Shortcuts at all.

Is there any tutorial on this available.

There’s the Pushcut automation server documentation which includes examples if that’s what you mean?