Running Automation Server on dedicated iOS device

Can I run Automation Server on different iOS device as the one where I want to run a shortcut on? Executing automatic shortcuts without user interaction needed is great but not really useful if I need the Pushcut app in the foreground to run the Automation Server.

The point is to have a second device that acts as the server to run Shortcuts (or trigger some web API), via the Pushcut Automation Server, on your behalf - from a trigger from somewhere else, or at a specific time, etc.

The shortcuts run directly by the server are always run on the server device.

Alright - thanks. That’s definitely something interesting unless you want to use Shortcuts to automate certain settings or actions on to a second device that is not running the Automation Server in the foreground.

@sliemeobn can only develop saleable solutions within the security and system constraints that Apple provide. It’s an alternative approach to enable at least some level of hands-off automation beyond the limits currently permitted by Shortcuts/iOS/iPadOS.

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As I see it the closest you can get to this is have the server send a notification to the other device with the shortcut you wish to run as the action.

Or you can use the background trigger to run the shortcut automatically on your non server device on a geofence with optional time constraints.