Run Siri Shortcut without tapping the notification

I have set up a notification in Pushcut that will run a Siri Shortcut when a specific lamp in my HomeKit setup is turned on. I have set the Shortcut as the default action, so it’ll run when I tap the notification.

Is there a way to run the shortcut without having to tap?

Location and schedule are not suitable triggers for what I have in mind. The trigger needs to be the HomeKit device… Any suggestions?

Do you even need Pushcut for this?

Can’t it be a regular home automation via Apple’s Home App?

Or, because it’s about a shortcut, use a Personal Automation?

Unfortunately, you cannot run Siri Shortcuts in Home Automations… :frowning:

If you run PuchCut as a server on a separate device and send it there, that should accommodate this I think.

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