Run shortcuts on multiple iOS devices, via Pushcut Server?

Hey Pushcut folks.

Another question, after I solved my troubleshooting issue, thanks to @sylumer :slight_smile:

Running the Pushcut Server on a spare iOS device sitting in my office at home, can I trigger a shortcut to run on my iPad and iPhone 12 with me at work? I want to activate/deactivate Do Not Disturb on the iPad & iPhone, in my testing I can only activate DND on the device that’s running the Server.

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Have you thought about the points I suggested on this previously?

You could potentially send a mail or message to yourself to trigger a personal automation in Shortcuts to set the DND.

I don’t think that there is a way to do it. Pushcut can send a notification to any/all of your i*OS devices that will run when tapped, but the Automation Server can only execute a Shortcut on the server device.

Unfortunately, things like sending a mail message to yourself do not trigger automations, but instead give a tappable notification to run the automation – see this response by @ChrisUpchurch on the MPU forum.

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In that case I agree. PushCut is the only viable solution where a device is unattended.

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Hey @sylumer. Appreciate the tips, I am/was hoping to limit the number of tools in the workflow, therefore limiting points of failure. The Macs are solid, it’s the iOS devices I am focused on now. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Tony. That’s too bad, my goal is a fully automated solution kicked off by RescueTime. Having to kick off the shortcut from a notification is workable, not ideal though.

Curious if @sliemeobn has any insight to share on the possibility of Pushcut Server running a shortcut on other/all iOS devices on the same iCloud account, perhaps via the Pushcut API?

Here’s the ideal outcome I’m hoping for, all tips/ideas/insight welcomed:

  1. RescueTime starts a ‘Focus Time’ session.
  2. IFTTT/Zapier is triggered by this session starting. (Currently supported and runs successfully)
  3. Action is kicked off by Zapier/IFTTT to put my Mac in Do Not Disturb (DND) until the Focus Time session ends. (Currently supported and runs successfully, via Keyboard Maestro)
  4. The earlier trigger also sets my iPad/iPhone (iOS 14.3) to DND, without user interaction, i.e. notification. (Not completely possible, see above)
  5. When the Focus Time session ends, another action is triggered in IFTTT/Zapier to shutoff DND on Mac and iOS devices. (Works partially, as steps 3 & 4)

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It is a feature of i*OS that Shortcuts cannot be fired off on another platform, not something that Pushcut can implement. This is why Pushcut Server needs to be running in the foreground of an unlocked device to work.

There may be a way to do this from @adamtow’s Autocuts. It was implemented in i*OS 13 but I don’t know if it is supported beyond that. It appears to allow triggering on multiple devices from IFTTT amongst other sources.

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I would look into having Time of Day Personal Automations that check some data that’s stored in the cloud or that can access a Homebridge Virtual Switch. When both the iPhone and iPad are triggered by their own Personal Automation, they can set their own DND status and flip the bits in the cloud/virtual switch.

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