Run script when connecting/disconnecting external monitor

I’ve got a quick apple script that I’ve turned into an application that will swap my dock from hidden at the bottom to always visible on the right-side. I run this script every morning when I get to work and plug in to a 2nd monitor and before I leave in the afternoon before I yank the cord. Is there some system event I can watch for with a launch daemon to fire off this script automatically when the system detects a change such as isExternalMonitor = True/False? I’m running Monterey on a M1MBP if that matters.

ps I don’t want to use a timed launchd because my schedule isn’t set enough to M-F@7 just run this thing.
Thanks for any help,~Sauva

You could probably use Hammerspoon to watch for the display change.

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Not sure if it’s what you’re after, but I believe Keyboard Maestro also has this as a trigger option.


I’d thought KM could only report and not trigger on monitor connections, but from the docs, it seems trigger support was added back in v9 :slightly_smiling_face:

I obviously need to pay more attention to release notes than I was doing.

<3 I’d never heard of hammerspoon, but check it, I made it work!
this is toggle

tell application "System Events"
	set monitorCount to count of desktops
	if monitorCount is 1 then
		tell dock preferences
			set properties to {screen edge:bottom}
			set autohide to true
		end tell
		tell dock preferences
			set properties to {screen edge:right}
			set autohide to false
		end tell
	end if
end tell

this is my hammerspoon init.lua

--using hammerspoon to automatically run toggledock

monitorWatcher = nil
initWatcher = nil

--function to reload init.lua when it changes
function reloadConfig(files)
  doReload = false
  for _,file in pairs(files) do
      if file:sub(-4) == ".lua" then
          doReload = true
  if doReload then
--need a function that calls an applescript
function monitorChangedCallback()
--"trying to call toggle")

--starts the pathwatcher to see if the init.lua changes in ~/.hammerspoon/
initWatcher ="HOME") .. "/.hammerspoon/", reloadConfig):start()"Config loaded")

--objects will be garbage collcted if they aren't in explicit vars
--Starts the screen watcher, making it so fn is called each time the screen arrangement changes
monitorWatcher =

Thanks a bunch for turning me onto this sylumer

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So 13.1 kinda breaks this as any change to the dock (app opening/closing file added to folder stack etc) will trigger hs.screen.watcher.

Has there been any development in shortcuts to bring external monitor status awareness as a potential action trigger?