Rules - Calendar Automation app for MacOS

I released this app a few months ago and it allows you to run shortcuts at the beginning or end (supports offsets) of calendar events that match your conditions.

All functionality is free for up to two automations, and pro is a one time purchase.

App Store Link: ‎Rules - Calendar Automation on the Mac App Store

Hope it is useful for you too

Downloaded the app. How does the rules engine work? How often is it checking for conditions? I want to create a rule that updates my personal calendar when an exchange calendar has an entry. Right now it’s set to look for events after 8am and before 5pm, but if an event is added for 4:30 at 4:00 will the engine catch it. Thanks in advance; enjoying the app so far…

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Great to hear that you are enjoying the app.

While your Mac & the app is running, it will always listen to changes in Apple Calendar and then check if the new / updated events match one of your rules.

Meaning if an event is added for 4:30 at 4:00 the app will catch it.

But there is one edge case related to sync: If the event is added in exchange it first has to sync to Apple Calendar. Depending on your “Refresh Calendars” settings this can happen between every 1 minute or every hour. Or even manually. So if you have a low refresh rate like 1 hour, then an event that is added to exchange at 4:00 could show up as late as 5:00 in Apple Calendar. And as Apple Calendar is the source of truth, the event would be missed. To avoid this, make sure to have a high enough refresh rate.

This makes perfect sense. Thank you for this! Will do some testing and give feedback if needed.