RSS Feeds and IFTTT to DevonThink Pro Office

I am making my switch from Evernote to DTPO. Overcoming some hiccups I am stuck on the RSS Feed.

I have about 200 articles I saved from RSS feeds (via IFTTT) into Evernote. I know that DTPO has an RSS feed option in there, but it only pulls up the last 10-15 articles.

  1. I am assuming for the ones stored in Evernote, I should just try importing them all over again to DTPO.

  2. For future articles, is there a way to create a IFTTT recipe and have it go direct to DTPO ? (Example, I have an IFTTT recipe that grabs the RSS from The Sweet Setup and then only if it finds a match of “Sweet setup interview” then it creates a note in Evernote for me.

How can I get this functionality for DTPO ? I don’t want all the articles from that feed (I use Feedly and Pocket for that) But I do like to keep a reference of apps people use, interviews, etc.