Rose on Systematic

Rose is on the newest episode of Systematic (227: Automating Everything with Rosemary Orchard — Systematic


For shownotes and direkt mp3-download (maybe there is someone who is not using Overcast :thinking: :wink: )

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@RosemaryOrchard - if you need some suggestions or hints for your future travel to New Zealand :new_zealand: just ask. :wink: Been there several time with my backpack for hiking and biking. E.g. the West Coast trail or Alps2Ocean. And because you also like chocolate - there is a place in Christchurch where i once had the “Ultimate chocolate desert” :smiley:


I don’t know yet when I would be able to go, but hope it will be soon! I will definitely need details about the desert though :drooling_face:

@RosemaryOrchard No problem, lock at the ‘day menu’ under desserts :wink:

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