Rose: JavaScript: - just saying

If Rose did a Javascript course specifically aimed at mac and iOS automation, and it was hosted by, I would definitely pay for it.

Just planting the seed here…


I wouldn’t mind reviewing it, for example. (I already know javascript to a working level, so the course probably isn’t for me.)

Rose, if the goading works :slight_smile: then let me know how I could help.

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+1 to presuade @RosemaryOrchard to make a course :grinning: and yes I’d pay for it

There are too many js courses out there but they all relate js to web dev. None is covering automation. So the course could even use Scriptable, Drafts, OF and similar apps as a starting point.


I need to learn JS and I’m sure Rose is has a wealth of information she could share. +1 from me.

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Yes please. I’d definitely pay for this as well. Nearly all the javascript tutorials out there are for the web, and the automation-related ones tend to assume more of a baseline in using JavaScript than I have.

One request: Please don’t make it all about Omnifocus… :grimacing:

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I would also like to help. From a student perspective. I love checking spelling errors, formatting up the missions and logic.

why not setup a patreon or kickstarter campaign for that?

@MacSparky would you be willing to host / screencast a course if we could find some people to write up something?

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