@Rose: Darker mode for the slightly older audience :-)

Hi all and especially @RosemaryOrchard

would it be possible to get a blue theme with a slightly different color scheme? the red links are hell to read without my reading glasses… I hate to have to switch to light theme when I haven’t got my glasses near.

anything with a bit more contrast would be super :slight_smile:

“Old age… it gets us all one day…”

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There’s a true black mode as well :wink:

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I know… but that’s not for non X people, is it :-):wink:

It can be! I use it on my iPad :slight_smile:

I did just increase the darkness of the blue background though, let me know if that’s enough.

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just a little… I think I will have to stick to the true black or light theme for now. red on blue gives just too little contrast.

Could we get a light mode with black text? Maybe but default but an option.