Rich web link previews in Reminders via Shortcuts

i’m trying to avoid multiple taps entering a weblink.
Can anybody tell me how to create a shortcut that takes the current webpage (via sharesheet extension) and generates a rich weblink which can be clicked to find out more within the reminders app?

an example of this is as a Read It Later service. I see an interesting article i want to read later-> click the sharesheet -> shortcuts takes the URL, the main image URL, creates a clickable thumbnail and the headline as represented by the URL.


Ken Sheah

Don’t think you’ll have much luck with that directly, but you might be able to work something with Scriptable or one of the suggestions in this Reddit thread.

Thanks! I looked at the thread as well… couldn’t find what i was looking for.

Adding a webpage to read later via the Reminders sharesheet makes you tap a few times to add to the Reminders List that you want, but it generates a very nice rich link thumbnail.

Trying to save a few clicks to do it via Shortcuts extension in the share sheet. but i can’t get the same aesthetic result. Worse, you get a text entry of the URL in Reminders, which is not clickable.