Rich Text From Markdown to Apple Mail

Hello! I am trying to use Shortcuts to create a rich text email on my Mac. My method is markdown in a text field > make rich text > send. This works on iOS but does not work on the Mac. I think that Mail Assistant for Drafts will help, but I’d like to not rely on a third party app if I can help it. Am I doing something wrong or trying to do something that can’t be done? Many thanks for your help!

Link to my tester shortcut: Shortcuts

I believe this is one of Shortcuts for the Mac’s many bugs. I tried a few things, like saving the rich text to the clipboard, but couldn’t come up with anything that worked. Sorry.

Thank you for trying!

Have a look at Mail Assitant - you may be able to use the mail-assistant:// URL in the shortcut.

Thank you for the tip! I’ve been playing with Mail Assistant, which is wonderful in most cases. My specific use case (not pictured) involves attachments – so I can’t quite get there. I suspect if I knew some actual programming I could get un-stuck, but I’m not there yet.