Reverse the Name

I have a lot of file Names that I wish to reverse.

An Example is

The name of the file is separated by a space Hyphen space then the Artist.

Is it possible to make something that can do this ?

I have KK, A Better Finder Rename 11 and Hazel

Please advise
Ron from Canada

It looks like a Better Finder Reame is your perfect tool for this. Renaming files is exactly what it is designed to do, and I notice according to their home page it supports regular expressions. That means you can probably use something like this as your match and replace patterns to reorder the component parts of the file names.

Just keep in mind, if you have “-” in your first part or second part, and not just separating them, there’s no way for the app to tell which “-” to use.

Hope that helps.

By the way, what is “KK”?

Sorry! should have been KM

Looks like I have some studying to do… Please give a me a little hint to get me started.

Ron from Canada

I don’t use that app, so if you do need help with how to use your app, maybe their YouTube tutorials will help? That seems to be the only online help they list, so if it wasn’t immediately obvious in the app how it works, that is where I would start with teaching myself how to use the app.

If you need help with the regular expression stuff, then I gave you the whole of that in my first reply.

I’m not sure what other “hint” you might be after :pensive:

Thanks, its a good start !