Return to shortcuts app (unwanted) after running shortcut

Hi, all.

I’m trying to solve a puzzle, and I’m stumped.

For each of my tags in Things, I’ve done a search and copied the xurl of the search.

What I’m trying to do is create a shortcut to that particular search, so I can quickly access all tasks that have a particular tag.

I can easily get shortcuts to open that search with just two blocks: (1) a URL block where I paste the xurl, and (2) an Open X-Callback URL block, that actually opens it. The shortcut does what it’s supposed to.

The problem is that it doesn’t leave me in Things, which it should. Instead, after running the shortcut, I’m immediately returned to the Shortcuts app.

Any ideas about how I prevent this behavior? So far my searching (both on the open web and here in the Automators forum) hasn’t turned up anything helpful. I’d be grateful if someone has a solution.

Never mind — I figured it out after looking through a couple of Federico’s Shortcuts over at MacStories.

My second action should’ve been Open URLs, not open X-Callback URLs.

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