Resuming Audible playback without unlocking the phone

I’m trying to create a shortcut that allows me to use a Siri voice prompt to launch Audible and resume playback, without requiring the phone to be unlocked.

I was able to do this for Overcast, by creating the Shortcut from within the Overcast app: playback resumes without me unlocking the phone (regardless of what app was last used for audio playback, and when, so “timing out of the app” is never an issue). Is this not possible with Audible because the developers haven’t introduced serious Shortcuts support? Just wondering, because the prompt to unlock the phone prior to launching an app seems to me more of a system security / Shortcuts dependent issue, and not something that can be toggled by a third party app. Am I wrong about this? I’d be grateful for any help!

OpenAudible can convert Audible to mp3 which can then be uploaded to Overcast. Many many benefits there.

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Audible sadly has neither shortcuts support nor url scheme support (as far as I know). @gabeanzelini seems to have an interesting idea I never thought. Once you buy the book off of Audible, it is yours to do with as you please so this could be a completely legit tool.

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I just made this. Works perfectly.

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This will, unfortunately, only restart whatever the last audio playing on your device was. If Audible was last to be played, it will restart; if you were last playing music, it is the music that will restart, even though the Audible app is currently displayed open on the screen.

The nearest that can be done at the moment is to use the “Open App” in Shortcuts and then manually press the play button.

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It was working so well when Audible was the last thing I played! :joy:
But yes - i discovered that a few hours later u fortunately.

I wonder if there is a way to set up a short cut asking Alexa to do it…


I don’t have Alexa, so can’t be any help on that count.

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