Reset Drafts 5.0

How do I reset Drafts 5.0? I have accumulated many actions I want to get rid of. It would be easier if I could simply do a reset of the application?
Thanks, Jim in KYUSA

There are probably at least a couple of options, but really it sounds like you just want to declare “actions bankruptcy”. If that’s the case, you can delete your existing action groups and install the originals from the actions directory.

When you list the action groups in the actions directory, go to the end and have a look at the ones posted way back at the start by AgileTortoise (the developer, Greg). Install those and you should be good to go.

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Hi slumyer, thanks for your quick response. I can delete individual actions in groups, but I can’t delete the group itself. I sure it is simply my ignorance and can be done. I hope?

I figured out how to delete action groups.
Thanks again for your help,