RescueTime, IFTTT, Google Sheets: real-time income tracking?

I am compensated on a non-salary, non-hourly basis for my job which means it takes a lot of time tracking and automation to help me keep track of what I’m making on an hourly basis. My current system leverages RescueTime, IFTTT, and Google Sheets to automatically calculate my hourly income and plot on a weekly graph I can access at any time. However, I am only able to pull in my RescueTime data once per day with IFTTT, once my “daily report” becomes available at midnight. Now, I can access my up-to-the-minute RescueTime logs at any point throughout the day, but must do so manually - I would love to be able to pull my current time tracking data at more frequent intervals and get my graphs to update closer to real-time. RescueTime has an API, but I’m not sure how to go about using it, or if it would even help me to do what I’m trying to do; IFTTT only has a trigger for pulling data from the daily reports. FWIW, I did upgrade to IFTTT Pro but have yet to play around with it. Anyone have any pointers to help boost my workflow? TIA!

Update: did some more digging, attempted to recreate this automation using the RescueTime API directly, but the documentation for the API includes the following blurb:

“The Daily Summary Feed API returns an array of JSON objects representing rollup information for each day logged by the user in the previous two weeks. It does not include the current day, and new summaries for the previous day are available at 12:01 am in the user’s local time zone”.

So, it seems this method will not be any more useful than how I’m already doing things. I’ve submitted a request for further assistance or clarification directly to RescueTime, will post here again if anything comes of it. :persevere: