Request tweak to “Get Server Status” Action within Shortcuts

I searched, but couldn’t find this, so I hope it’s not redundant. I was hoping to check the server status within a Shortcut in order to determine whether I would be retrieving up-to-data data from a local file. Sometimes my server, while technically running, will not respond because some IOS notification/message has been forced to the foreground, which prevents the Pushcut server from responding & running a desired Shortcut. For example, sometimes after one of my IOS devices is updated, iCloud perceives a login as being from a new device, and requires a response before it will release the OS to other tasks. This causes all automatic Pushcut server processes to come to a screeching halt.

It would be lovely if:

  • you could publish suggestions (if any) regarding settings on the server device that would minimize this behavior
  • change the “get server status” action within Shortcuts to return info that distinguishes between merely running vs actually available to process requests to run a Shortcut

Thanks for your great product - I really do enjoy using Pushcut, especially the server. I am no programming expert, but even a hack like me has greatly expanded my home automation through the use of URLs & the Pushcut server.