Request: Access to Music App and Bluetooth Device Name

I use Music a lot with my own library and playlists. Shortcuts gives me a lot but misses some core features.

Any chance you could add Music app access to Scriptable?
I’d like to, specifically:

  1. Find out if the Music is currently playing. (IsPlaying=True/false)
  2. Be able to delete a Playlist (I auto-create playlists weekly, I’d like to do some more playlist functions)

And also get access to Bluetooth device names?
Find out what Bluetooth device is currently connected (similar to Get Network Details, I’d love a Get Bluetooth Details function)

If I knew which Bluetooth device name was connected and the current Play/Pause state then I could automate playing of music in my car so much easier.

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I think this would be a fantastic addition to the available API calls in the app

I agree. Any chance?