Replace action to lowercase

I am trying to update a shortcut that no longer works. It takes text input from the user and then I have tow action as that clean up the text.

The first action is “Change [Provided Input] to [lowercase]” and the result of that is null, “”, an empty string. Is anyone else seeing this?

How about in iOS dev beta 2?

Are you on the Public beta 2 IOS14?

If you are on the iOS 14 beta, this seems to be an issue with text manipulation actions. I have filed a feedback (FB7925187).

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I am on Dev beta 2, but I was having issues win 13.5 as well, though I can’t verify they were exactly the same issues.

You know what’s weird? Those same text actions that don’t work also can not be copied. Weird. They can however be duplicated. Weird. Filed:FB7932476.

The text modification actions are working now. But you still can’t copy and paste them. Sent in a Feedback.