Repeating with.. for data jar entry strange result

I just wanted to create a shortcut that iterates through a data jar dictionary and puts the entries into a variable.

Should not be too difficult, I have a data jar entry set up to contain a date and a value. There’s 192 data value pairs in there all together.

The repeat loop in Shortcuts gives me more than 18.500 entries however…???

Previewing the dictionary it gives me 192 entries on screen, but repeat for each keeps showing >18k entries…

anyone ever come across this?

I’m just trying to create input for Charty to display solar panel output for the previous week (SolarEdge API input), but if the first 8 actions in Shortcuts already stump me then it’s going to be a loooooong Sunday

It is really difficult to tell what’s going on without seeing the looping in the shortcut and the structure of the data it is reading.

My guess would be that you are appending a set of things at some point rather than individual things, or that you are taking everything produced in a loop rather than just the final result.

If nothing is immediately obvious in the shortcut, I would suggest starting with say 3-5 pairs of data in data jar, all with unique values. Then checking what you have on each iteration through your loop, and the final output from your loop. I would imagine this should tell you pretty quickly what is occurring.

Hope that helps.

Somehow I think it’s hanging on a null value in the input.
Any item with that as a value to a specific key is processed multiple times

Now have 5 entries in Data Jar, 4 with a null value, and 1 with a numeric value.

Parsing that from a dictionary to just check for a null value, and replace with a “0” if so will give me 11 items, 10 times a “0” and one time the other value.

Very strange, and a nice but puzzling way to fill the lockdown evenings