Repeat with calendar items shortcut fail

I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I’d like to make a shortcut that searches my calendar for items and returns each item as text “Event Name Date” separately. Finding the calendar items is no problem. However, I can’t manage to combine Name and Date correctly. I keep getting this list:

Instead of:
EventA DateA
EventB DateB
EventC DateC

This happens even if I use “repeat with each item”. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help.

You cannot tell the source of variables accurately from a screenshot. That is why it is really hard to debug a shortcut from a screenshot and is why I always recommend posting a link to the shortcut on the forum rather than, or in addition to a screenshot.

My best guess from the screenshot would be that you are referencing calendar items for the title and date in the repeat loop rather than the repeat item.

Thanks here is the link: Shortcuts

Looks to me like it was exactly as I suggested above.

I amended the text to use repeat item instead of the set of calendar events and it seems to then work fine for me.

Thank you! I just did not know that the repeat item was there in the variables list!

In that case, this page in the Shortcuts documentation would be worth a read.

It covers some aspects of loops you may not be aware of.

Thank you! I’ll read it again. I actually read it multiple times - I think between the repeat item not actually being pictured and being in scroll range on my phone I just didn’t know where to look for it.