Renaming ipad photos before upload to Dropbox

Hi, I am new to this, but after using Dropsync on Android to move all phone photos to a Dropbox folder, I have been thinking about how to do this on ipad.
I like to keep files in order by renaming in the 20210124-1734-22 format. I would love to be able to automate this with the shortcuts app.
I have put together a workflow which moves the files to dropbox, but have failed to find a method of renaming each file in the batch. If anyone could take a look, that would be great.


Try this thread. Seems to be almost identically named to your own question.

Hello Sylumer - thanks for this. I see from your script that I need to set up a loop to do the renaming and then save files.

Do you have any idea how i use the custom date format to rename files instead of taking a user input base file name?

You haven’t specified which date you want to use, but if for example I wanted to use the date the photo was taken as the first part of the file name, I can get that attribute by using the Repeat Item variable, setting it as the Date Taken attribute (with it defined as a Photo), and specify a standard date stamp format. I can then follow that with some other text ("- my photo "), and finally by the repeat index as a crude sequence number.

I’ve done this two ways in the past. One used Hazel and exiftool to do the work once the files arrived in DB. The second and my recommendation would be to use the Photosync app.

I use the PhotoSync app almost daily to transfer photos from my iPhone to Dropbox folders of my choice, renaming them as desired in the process. With the premium version there is also some support of Siri Shortcuts and the option to transfer in the background. I use the background transfer feature when uploading large videos to Google Photos to get them off my phone. Very flexible with many options.

I don’t know if its any help but the way I solved the Dropbox naming problem was to use Hazel in my Mac. So picture s are uploaded from my devices, my mini monitors the folder via Hazel and renames and sorts the pictures.

Works really well my sorting is:

Folder: 2021
Subfolder Month: January