Removed due to error

I had an Automated Shortcut triggered When Waking Up.

Historically the Shortcut contained all the actions within it, however recently I split a part of the Shortcut out into a standalone one, and replaced it with a Run Shortcut action, essentially to replicate the same steps.

I’m now finding the Shortcut isn’t triggering automatically as before; Strangely it will work if I manually run the it though.

Has anyone come across the problem and has any tips on how to fix?

EDIT: I found a different bug in my shortcut which is why it wasn’t working. After correcting the trigger is working as expected.

Do you get a permissions notification when you are waking up? Or does it just do nothing?


After looking at some detail on the waking up trigger, Apple states it runs when the alarm goes off. I don’t recall if I was waking before the alarm and then potentially switching focus modes from sleep, thus cancelling the sleep scheduled alarm.

In retrospect this trigger is probably the wrong one for what I’m trying to achieve with the rest of my shortcut. I think I’ll try when sleep focus turns off and see if it fits better.

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…and now I’ve just realised I can’t use when turning off Sleep as a trigger on iOS 16.

Back to the drawing board.

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That is very true. Usually turning off the focus, it will ask if you are awake and also want to turn off the alarm. Turning off the alarm then triggers that you are “waking up”

Yeah it’s silly they did it like that