Reminders app : « the hide until ... » trick, sort of "Defer until" field in Omnifocus


Despite the fact that assigning deferred start dates on next actions is counterproductive to the GTD methodology, I find it really usefull in order to unclutter my lists.

Assuming you are not already using Priority level in Reminders, in your Smart Lists, you can simply add a “No priority” filter.
In order to hide a task until a certain date, add the #Defer tag and set the deadline field.
How does it work? The Shortcut assigns a low priority level to the tasks if the date hasn’t passed yet. Once the deadline is reached, the Shortcut removes the priority level and the date.

Create a personal automation : « when Reminders is opened, Run Shortcut … »
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Thanks for this, very useful even if a bit of a hackaround. Even though I only mainly use Reminders for shopping lists, I’ve often wanted to defer something out when going round the store and something isn’t available! :ok_hand:t2: I suppose then I’d have to close and re-open the app to make those items disappear from view but hey-ho. Nice workaround for now

Thank you for your feedback, I’m glad it was useful. I hope that Reminders will evolve on this point