- set alert date! Time and location help

I am trying to have a Shortcut that bridges a gap in Reminders, that Things 3 has; that being the capability for a new reminder/to-do created after the prior one has been completed. This would be on a schedule of, say 3 days from the date of the prior instances completion, at 9:00 PM. I can have the current Shortcut be created for with the new date or new time; but not both. Also! If the new date is used, I am having an intermittent error, wherein the new date causes the Alert to fail as it keeps asking for a location.

Here is a screenshot of where I am having issues:

Date is formatted as Short as is Time.

The shortcut additionally is designed to look for if there is no occurrence of the Reminder title in the pass 3 days, create the new Reminder, set for 3 days from now, with the Alert at 9:00 AM.

Thank you for your suggestions.



After your first action, you just need to format the result – it contains both date and time.

You can use the magic variable result directly in the Add Reminder action and format it in there as follows:

Tap on the magic variable Adjusted Date and then on Short

Then scroll to the bottom of the list and select Custom

Then enter

dd/MM/yyyy 09:00

in the box that appears

This will format the date that you created for 3 days time but with the time set to 09:00hrs.

Here is a Shortcut containing just those steps for you to try:

Hope this helps.

Hi Tony,

Thank you. I had tried something earlier with the Format Date function; but not what you’d suggested and so, it hadn’t worked.

Thank you again.



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Glad that it helped.