Reminders app error with Scriptable

Hi, I’m trying to count the number of reminders I have in the Reminders App. I use this code (iOS 17)

let alert = new Alert();
alert.title = "Inbox reminders";
let num_reminders = 0

const allReminders = await Reminder.all();
for (const reminder of allReminders) {
  // do stuff with them
  num_reminders = num_reminders + 1
alert.message = "Incomplete reminders: " + num_reminders.toString();

I got this error:

2023-09-28 14:28:19: Error on line 5:40: -requestAccessToEntityType:completion: has been deprecated-calling this method is no longer allowed. Instead, use -requestFullAccessToEventsWithCompletion:, -requestWriteOnlyAccessToEventsWithCompletion:, or -requestFullAccessToRemindersWithCompletion:.

Any help?

@simonbs , we’ve tried resetting permissions and also a reinstall of the app but no luck. Any ideas what might be needed to get this access?

v1.7.9 is out with the permission fixes.

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Thank you very much!