Reminders and Due

I am switching to iOS reminders with recent update. I rely on the app Due for certain tasks which must be completed. I would like to create a short cut that either makes reminders behave like Due or use a reminder that triggers a Due reminder to properly harass me into getting the task done. Any thoughts on how to create would be appreciated

One of Due’s major features is “harassment”, which can’t really be reproduced in reminders.

You could create a Shortcut to take all reminders on a reminder list, create equivalent Due tasks, and then complete the reminders so you don’t have duplicates. Is this the sort of thing you are wanting?

I probably could make that concept work. However my preference would be to have on list associated with a project and when comes due duplicate to due or in your concept my “due creation list” which triggers a due reminder.

You would still need to manually trigger the operation, though you could use Shortcuts automation to prompt you to run a replication Shortcut. As long as you have enough data to help you narrow down which of all of your reminders you want to replicate, then it should be possible to have the Shortcut replicate them for you without you needing to specify which ones by manual selection; but otherwise you would need to select each of the ones you want to have replicated at that time.

Another possible approach (not using Shortcuts) would be to use the new URL field in Reminders.

From the Reminders notification you could get a tappable link to create a Due reminder.

You’d need to populate the URL field with something like…


This would take you into Due to create the reminder there then back to Reminders where you could complete the original.

Still not automated, but reasonably seamless.

I like that concept…Ive never ventured into learning callback URL and was hoping to not have to since they reportedly are falling out of favor but perhaps this would be a good excuse. Still would love it to be automated if any have any other ideas